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Writer's Block: Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Describe your idea of a perfect summer vacation.

My idea of a perfect summer vaction would be able to go to as many Kenny Chesney concerts as I could. I'm hoping to see him in Orange Beach and/either Jacksonville, Tampa and Indianapolis. I've only seen him in concert twice and I just can't GET ENOUGH!!
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Writer's Block: Word for Word

How many (if any) songs do you know by heart? What are they?

Songs I know by heart are:
Kenny Chesney: She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, Anything But Mine, How Forever Feels, Wild Ride, Better As A Memory, Don't Blink, When The Sun Goes Down, Beer in Mexico, Summertime, Keg in the Closet, Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, Never Wanted Nothing More, Ten with a Two, Way Down Here and Out Last Night.

I know all the words from every song from the Nightmare Before Christmas. And that's mostly because I listen to the music over and over, especially during Halloween. Not to mention I have the movie on my iPod and I've seen it in 3-D twice.

A lot of musical songs I know but heart as well: Memory from Cats, No Good Deed from Wicked. I probably know all the songs from Phantom of the Opera (THE MUSICAL NOT THE DREADED HORRIBLE MOVIE), Avenue Q, Marry Poppins, Curtains and Spamalot.
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Sun City Carnival Concert Photos and Videos/ramblings

How is everyone doing today? I'm doing pretty good! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on my Flist! So, last night was the Sun City Carnival concert, so I though I'd share my insight, photos and video from the concert!
First off was Lady Antebellum and I thought that they were pretty good. They played a lot of songs that I knew because I have most of their songs on my iPod. The only thing that dissapointed me (and a lot of people) was that they didn't move around a lot. But they had great energy though.
Next up was Miranda Lambert. Some of you may recall from last year at the St. Louis show how I was giving her praise because she had a lot of energy before Kenny came on stage.This year was no different. And that's probably why I like her so much. She played some new songs from her new album that is coming out in September.
And then of course I have to talk about Mr. Kenny Chesney who was THE MAN of the night! And man did he put on a SHOW! I have to talk about the beginning of the concert, because you guys will laugh at this! I was the only person in my whole section who KNEW that he was going to be 'flying' over people (and yes, I have pics of this). Everyone started to doubt me because they didn't know I was enteracting with other people who had seen his previous shows this year.
So during the opening of the song, "She thinks my tractor's sexy," we're all wondering where the hell Kenny is. And then we look over at floor 1, and see that Kenny is on the swing flying over everyone, and MAN did the crowd go nuts!
I think the best part of the whole concert was that he sang some of his old songs like, "Me and You," and "Just Don't Happen Twice." Just a great time! Ok, pics and videos under the cut. I need to get back to cleaning my room.
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Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Zach Quinto icons/ramblings

How is everyone doing today? I'm doing great! For those of you wanting to know, I had the interview for my internship at 10.6 The Wolf (country radio station here in Kansas City). I was nervous...and I'm still asking myself...why?
Seriously, it wasn't even like an interview. I basically went inside and talked to Tracy Luteran (she's head of Marketing and Promotions Departments with some of the radio stations and 106.5 The Wolf). She had me fill out paperwork, took me on a tour of the building...and that was basically it. All I have to do is get a form filled out from my advisor and send it back to her...and that's it. I'm in!
For those of you who haven't seen this video, you really should because it is SO FUNNY! The link pretty much says it all, so here ya go:
I've got advance screening tickets for Star Trek tonight! I'm going to the 7p.m. showing with my friend Aaron! So since I'm REALLY excited about that, here are some icons! Enjoy!
Chris icons - 30
Karl icons - 30
Zach icons - 30
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Pics of Karl at the Star Trek L.A. Premiere/ramblings

How is everyone doing today? I'm not feeling too well today, so I thought it would be a good time to post an entry. I still can't believe it's the first of May. Guess who's coming to the Sprint Center in May 9th??? Yeah that would be Mr. KENNY CHESNEY! I'm getting really excited. But I'm also getting ready for Star Trek to come out as well! So of course last night was the L.A. Premiere of Star Trek. Pics of Karl are behind the cut. I'm seriously not liking the fact that he's doing the Vulcan "Live Long and Prosper" sign. I've seen Karl do it way too many times during the premieres and it's just getting kinda old. Ah well. Enjoy the pics!
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