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Well, I've only been keeping my livejournal to rant. But I thought this time I'd go public with my entry. Over the weekend I went up to Chicago for Easter. The day before I left, which was Thursday afternoon, my Aunt Candice said that my grandma was starting to lose her fight with lung cancer. She's had it since last year and it's just starting to get worse. And since she's in her 80s she can't have chemo. My grandpa has Parkinson's disease, dementia, ect. He doesn't look the same at all.
The good thing is that I got to see both of them this weekend. And I was expecting the worst. They're both in wheelchairs and their room looks pretty much like a private hospital room. They have a caretaker named John who is from Poland who helps them get around.
This weekend wasn't so hard on me as it was for my little brother and sister. And that's mostly because I think it's just starting to hit them. Sam doesn't cry unless he's really upset. And he was crying Saturday afternoon after being around Grandma Verner. She doesn't have much time left and we know it....everyone knows it. Grandpa Verner was crying today as we started to leave to go to the airport. And I wanted to cry too. I didn't...but I kinda did on the airplane heading back to Kansas City. But I just hope that nothing happens until after I graduate college.
Well...I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

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