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Kenny Chesney at Lucas Oil Stadium Review: The great, the good, the bad and the REALLY UGLY!

I was trying to figure out on the plane which one I should start off with...and I think I just need to go down the last of the great,good,bad and the really ugly things I encountered during this trip to see Kenny Chesney at Lucas Oil Stadium yesterday. So, here we go!

The Great: Getting to meet a lot of Kenny Chesney fans, plus getting to meet some people I had met at older concerts (e.i. Karen and Kevin who I met at the Sprint Center earlier in May). And especially getting to go on air with No Shoes Radio was a blast! And I really have to say anything to Tambo who was nice enough to give me and Holly sandbar tickets. I didn't even think it was going to happen. But hey, trying doesn't hurt right? Oh, and being about an inch away from Kenny almost the entire time he was on stage was pretty sweet too!

The Good: This was mostly my fault but I could have had some more to eat before I had to stand it sandbar for almost 9 hours. The good thing is that the food at the tailgate was really good! Plus I needed to have hung out with people more.

The bad: Ok, Sandbar is not for those who do not like being in tight spaces. It was hard to breath almost the entire night because it was packed. Plus people were being really rude and cursing. So I don't think I'm gonna try for sandbar anymore. Maybe like front row...but no more sandbar for me.

The ugly: Got stuck in Dallas friday night...oh yeah that was great...NOT! We missed the flight out to Indianapolis that night because we were late taking off from Kansas City and late getting to Dallas. Yeah I was NOT HAPPY!

All in all, the show was great though. I was really impressed with The Zac Brown Band even though I'm not a huge fan and I haven't heard all of their songs. But that had a lot of high energy and really got the crowd going.

I really don't need to say much about Miranda because I've seen her open for Kenny three times now. Montgomery Gentry was pretty great too. I'm not a huge fan of them either but I got high fives and waved at by them a couple of time while they were on stage.

And of course I have to talk about Sugarland. And the reason why I don't have a lot of Sugarland photos is mostly because I was about to faint in sandbar. I had barely anything to eat or drink and I couldn't stand it. Plus I just needed some air. So I went out and just watched most of them on the plasma screen TVs while I had a pretzel and some water. I got back in time for Kenny though!

Kenny was great...and I still couldn't believe that it was his last show. He came out on the swing and opened with "Live Those Songs." I got to watch him get off the swing on the catwalk. I guess the best thing about sandbar was how close I was to him almost the entire night. I loved it. He cried during "Better As a Memory." I kinda of started to cry too. It's gonna be sad without him next year. But he's got a new album coming out and the 3-D movie concert. But it won't really be the same...

Here's the link for the pics. I would upload all of them, but I have class in like 20 minutes:

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